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Short:V1.2, a file echo processor with many features
Author:billing at (Johan Billing)
Uploader:billing df lth se (Johan Billing)
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Welcome to CrashTick, my favourite tick program for the Amiga! :-)

CrashTick is a program for handling file echos, the method used for
distributing files in Fidonet. Such a program is normally called a tick
program, since Tick was the name of the first program that used this
method. CrashTick has the functions you find in most tick programs plus a
few others which are not as common on the Amiga. For example CrashTick can
handle packed tick files and has a built-in Raid which lets your downlinks
connect to areas themselves withour having to bother you. As an extra
bonus, CrashTick also has a comfortable settings editor called

Main features
o Powerful Announce function
o Built-in Raid
o Comfortable settings editor
o Can handle packed tick files

CrashTick is absolutely free to use.

This version
This is the long-awaited updated version of CrashTick. There now finally
exists an official version with the stack problem fixed. This version
also contains equivalents to some features in later versions of CrashMail
like the SEND#? commands.

CrashTick 1.11 was never really released, but was only available as a
beta version on my homepage. Only some of these changes will be new to
those who downloaded that beta version.

 - CrashTick and CrashTickPrefs now allocate a larger stack and will
   now work with newer versions of gtlayout.library without any problems.

 - If you tried to do a "CrashTick maint" and your Filebase directory
   didn't exist, CrashTick would give you a wrong error message and tell
   you that the Inbound directory didn't exist. Fixed in this version.

 - The Group selection window in CrashTickPrefs didn't have the correct
   window title. Fixed.

 - When "Max wait before pickup" was changed in CrashTickPrefs/General,
   the new value would be copied to the maximum buffer values for the
   logfile too. This has now been fixed.

 - When a file or a directory was selected with the file requester in
   CrashTickPrefs/Areas or CrashTickPrefs/Announce, CrashTickPrefs
   would forget to tell you that the config had been changed.

 - Now you can set a group to "Incoming only" for a node.

 - A new option called "No .tic files" has been added. If this switch
   is set for a node, the node will receive the files without the
   accompanying tick files.

 - It is now possible to specify a "Magic" name when hatching a file.

 - RaidHelp.doc has been updated, mostly layout changes.

 - A new tool called CrashTickHatch has now been included. This tool
   lets you hatch files comfortably with a GUI.

These changes are new since the CrashTick 1.11 beta:

 - Five new ARexx commands and command-line arguments have been
   SENDHELP. The NOTIFY ARexx command and command-line argument
   still works, but is just an alias for SENDQUERY.

 - The %UNLINKED command used to send a list of all areas the node was
   not connected to, this unfortunately also included those areas the
   node didn't have access to. Now %UNLINKED only includes the areas
   that the node actually has access to.

 - When CrashTick passes on commands to another copy of CrashTick, it
   now prints the sent ARexx command on the screen and displays the
   result when the command has been executed. Users of TrapDispatcher
   will recognize it from that program.

 - You can now configure a maximum number of lines in the Raid
   responses created by CrashTick. This was introduced since many
   programs can't handle too long netmails. You can set this in

 - Because  of a bug, CrashTick didn't sort the files before creating
   an announcement. Fixed.

Contents of comm/fido/CrashTick.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                  277     632  43.8% -lh5- 683c Nov 30  1995
[generic]                 5307   17200  30.9% -lh5- 0018 Jul  7  1996 CrashTick/Catalogs/
[generic]                 5283   16589  31.8% -lh5- 6aa6 Jul  7  1996 CrashTick/Catalogs/empty.ct
[generic]                 4914   12512  39.3% -lh5- 7292 Nov  2  1997 CrashTick/Catalogs/svenska/CrashTick.catalog
[generic]                39380   79596  49.5% -lh5- 2d0f Nov  2  1997 CrashTick/CrashTick
[generic]                19054   58303  32.7% -lh5- 3d3d Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/
[generic]                  258     503  51.3% -lh5- 0610 Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/
[generic]                 9182   17224  53.3% -lh5- 3b10 Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/CrashTickHatch
[generic]                  325     943  34.5% -lh5- 8438 Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/
[generic]                45520  101796  44.7% -lh5- 23f4 Nov  2  1997 CrashTick/CrashTickPrefs
[generic]                  210     954  22.0% -lh5- b790 Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/
[generic]                 9579   16960  56.5% -lh5- e49d Nov  2  1997 CrashTick/CrashTickStats
[generic]                 1620    5472  29.6% -lh5- f1bd Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/Install
[generic]                  361     707  51.1% -lh5- fdae Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/
[generic]                  278     632  44.0% -lh5- a4b6 Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/
[generic]                56301  100848  55.8% -lh5- d5ab Oct 22  1995 CrashTick/libs/gtlayout.library
[generic]                28530   43628  65.4% -lh5- 5698 Aug  7  1994 CrashTick/libs/reqtools.library
[generic]                 1028    2518  40.8% -lh5- 2b8e May 19  1997 CrashTick/RaidHelp.doc
[generic]                  141     247  57.1% -lh5- 67d1 Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/
[generic]                  281     632  44.5% -lh5- fd18 Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/
[generic]                 1449    3389  42.8% -lh5- 4349 May  8  1996 CrashTick/rexx/NotifyErrors.rexx
[generic]                 1825    4411  41.4% -lh5- e99b May 27  1996 CrashTick/rexx/RaidUMS.rexx
[generic]                 1676    9375  17.9% -lh5- 60be May  8  1996 CrashTick/TickStatsFormat.doc
[generic]                  144     247  58.3% -lh5- ac6e Nov  5  1997 CrashTick/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total        24 files  232923  495318  47.0%            Nov 21  1997

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