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Short:GetNET 2.2, URL grabber for Thor 2.4+
Author:rvhooff at (Remco van Hooff)
Uploader:rvhooff caiw nl (Remco van Hooff)
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 GetNET is an ARexx script for Thor and has four options:
 · grabbing of WWW addresses (GetHTTP)
 · grabbing of FTP addresses (GetFTP)
 · grabbing of Email addresses (GetEmail)
 · grabbing of Aminet files (GetAminet)

 Grabbing can be done from the current message, from a selected range of
 messages or from a file on disk.

 · GetHTTP will scan for WWW addreses.
   The addresses can be saved to hotlists of:
   · AMosaic
   · AWeb
   · IBrowse
   · TCPdl
   · Voyager
   · HTML

 · GetFTP will scan for FTP and IP addresses.
   The addresses can be saved to hotlists of:
   · AMosaic
   · AWeb
   · IBrowse
   · Voyager
   · HTML
   · ncFTPrecent
   · DOpusFTP
   · GUI-FTP
   · AmFTP

 · GetEmail will scan for Email addresses.
   The addresses can be saved to the userdatabase of your internet system.

 · GetAminet will scan for Aminet files.
   The files can be selected to create download events and download them using
   Thor 2.4+.

 All search schemes use special filtering routines designed to filter out as
 much "junk" as possible. 


 · Thor 2.4+
 · ARexx installed and running
 · COPY somewhere in your path
 · A WWW browser for the WWW and/or FTP addresses
   Supported browsers are:
   · AMosaic
   · AWeb
   · IBrowse
   · TCPdl
   · Voyager
   HTML hotlists are also supported.
 · Optional: AmFTP, DOpusFTP, GUI-FTP or ncFTP for FTP addresses


 1.0 · Joined 2 programs (GetHTTP and GetEmail) together into one program.
       The programs use a lot of similar code, so joining them together
       will use less HD space :.)

 1.1 · Added AWeb hotlist support.
     · Removed 'GetNet -' from default names when saving to the hotlists.
     · Added loop option. You can now chose if you want to return to the start
       requester or not.
     · Changed the IBrowse hotlist format to that of version 0.81.

 1.2 · Added Voyager hotlist support.

 1.3 · Fixed some trouble with the arexx port when ConnectThor was running.
 1.4 · Addresses that don't start with 'http://' but do start with 'www.'
       will now also be shown.
     · Fixed a bug in the HTML hotlist save routine (does anybody use it?).

 2.0 · Different method to filter out double entries, it should be faster
       when a lot are found.
     · Added progress windows.
     · Search for multiple http addresses on one line.
     · Changed searching for 'www.' to 'www', so addresses like
       'www-something.*' are also found.
     · Added an option to scan a file on disk.
     · Added GetFTP.
     · Removed loop option.
     · Added scanning of selected messages (auto detect).
     · Now uses RexxSupport.library for deleting resulting in less HD access.
     · Added domain checking for GetHTTP and GetFTP which makes them more
     · Added ncFTPrecent and DOpusFTP hotlists support.
     · Added GUI Configuration editor (CfgGetNET.thor).
     · Added GetAminet.

 2.1 · Improved install script. It now correctly deals env variables that end
       with a linefeed.
     · Corrected my email address mentioned in the install script.
     · When scanning multi selected msgs 'TITEL' instead of the real title
       show in the progress window.
     · Forgot to change the version in the maintitle into the correct one.
     · Added '`' to the filters.
     · Adresses with BB, CL, FJ, IL, LK, NA, RO, TH, WS or ZA as domain were
       ignored (would not show up in the listview).

 2.2 · Forgot to include a link to the 'To do' in the main page of the guide.
     · Added explanation on how to adjust the filters to the guide.
     · Fixed progress bar current/total ratio when saving to ftp hotlists.
     · Added GUI-FTP support.
     · Fixed a bug of requester not showing when configfile was missing.
     · Added some feedback when a SYNTAX error would occur.
     · Added AmFTP support, automaticly starts the configured TCP/IP stack if
       it isn't running.
     · Added recognition of .lzh file in GetAminet.
     · File recognition in GetFTP. If a file is found in the URL it is added
       to the FTP site description.
     · Added FTP site name option. This lets you choose between the
       subject/filename or URL as FTP default description.
     · Various enhancements that result in better scanning.
     · Internal default config file build into CfgGetNET. All hotlist entries
       are now turned off by default if it no entry is found in the config
     · Changed code to change any mixture of cases of HTTP://, WWW (without
       preceeding HTTP://) and FTP:// to lowercase (OVERLAY instead of
       TRANSLATE), so that the rest of the URL stays unchanged.
     · Added cfg entry that allows you to use the ftpaddress to be used as
       title instead of the msg subject.
     · Fixed a bug in domain check routine. Addresses like somewhere.domain
       (only one point and where domain is a 2 letter domain) would not be
       OK'ed as valid.
     · Added checking of configfile to GetNET and CfgGetNET.
     · Added .INT to the domain list.
     · Added TCPdl support.
     · Added multiple file support for scanning file(s) on disk (requires Thor
     · Added editing of URLs (http/ftp).
     · The default name (subject or filename) is now shown in the save list.
     · Changed my email and homepage address.

GetNET.thor and CfgGetNET.thor are copyright of Remco van Hooff.
Also have a look at my homepage for more (Thor) ARexx scripts.

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