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Short:Amiga port of Astrolog (Version 4.40)
Author:astara at (Walter D. "Cruiser1" Pullen)
Uploader:tf antares ping de (Tobias Ferber)
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Note: The patchlevel (pl) is valid for Amiga versions of Astrolog only!


Astrolog version 4.40 is a powerful, customizable, and platform independent
astrology chart calculation program, used in 20+ countries on six continents.
It is 100% freeware and requires no registration fee.  :) The complete source
code is available.  Astrolog features:  wheels, aspects, midpoints,
relationship charts, transits, progressions, some interpretations,
astro-graphy, local horizon, constellations, planet orbits, dispositors,
various influence charts, biorhythms, different zodiacs, central planets, 13
house systems, 8400 year ephemeris, asteroids, Uranians, fixed stars, Arabic
parts, script files and macros, PC screen graphics, X11 Windows graphics,
smooth animation of charts, graphic files in PostScript, Windows metafile, and
bitmap formats, and more!


Read the "Distfile" and "readme.440" for details about the files in this
archive.  Copy the executable (astrolog.000 or astrolog.030 respectively)
somewhere into your path and rename it to "astrolog".  Copy the config file 
"astrolog.dat" into the same directory as where you put the executable.
Make sure that your stack size is set to at least 10240 bytes:

  stack 10240

Now try out:

  astrolog -n -X

(... and press `q' to quit)

You might also want to play around with the default graphics resolution in
the file "astrolog.dat" (line 146).  I use

:Xw 554 554

-->  Please have a look at the file "HELPFILE.440" !   A Texinfo version of
     this file can be found -- together with various other formats like
     AmigaGuide®, PostScript, DVI, etc. in the ast44pl5-doc.lha archive!


Q: I changed astrolog.dat and configured my default longitude and latitude
   via `-zl', set the default time zone via `-z' and the DST via `-z0' but
   Astrolog still keeps using the wrong time when calling it via `-n' or
   `-i now'.  Why?

A: Astrolog expects your system clock to be set to GMT (which is correct for
   unix systems and thus a feature, not a bug :-).  However on PC and Amiga
   systems the internal clock is set to LMT and so Astrolog gets the "wrong"

   A localized Amiga Workbench allows setting the time zone via the Locale
   prefs.  However, locale.library does not support DST yet (version 40.4).
   Since the Amiga port of Astrolog knows about locale.library it will try
   to get the time zone from your Locale prefs but for said reason this will
   be false if DST is in effect (or if you don't have a localized WB).

   This is why Astrolog preferably uses ENV:GMTOFF to convert your system
   time to GMT.  The environment variable GMTOFF holds the number of seconds
   which your system time differs from GMT.


   (!)  I live in Germany and we have CET, which is +1h from GMT.  Currently
        DST is in effect, so we are actually +2h from GMT.  Solution:

          SetEnv GMTOFF `eval (1+1)*60*60`
          Copy ENV:GMTOFF ENVARC:

        In astrolog.dat we need "-z -1", which sais that we have CET and
        "-z0 1", which sais that DST is in effect.

Q: ... Oh! what a superb GUI ...

A: Yes, a MUI GUI (c: is under development.

Q: Is there any documentation besides "Helpfile.440" ?

A: I made a Texinfo version "astrolog.texi" of Helpfile.440.  Texinfo can be
   converted into many other hypertext formats such as Info, AmigaGuide® or 
   HTML, but also to DVI or PostScript.  However, Amiga specific modifications
   are not yet mentioned in this file.


o  Problems with the 68000 version are solved.

o  The Amiga version of astrolog is now distributed in 4 archives:

     ast44pl5-000.lha - Basic files and executable for all Amigas
     ast44pl5-030.lha - Basic files and executable for 68030/68882 Amigas
     ast44pl5-doc.lha - Documentation in Texinfo, AmigaGuide, DVI, PostScript
     ast44pl5.src.lha - The source code of the Amiga version

   Additional information about these archives and their contents can be  
   found in the supplied "Distfile".


o  Several minor modifications have been made to the source code.

o  The source code and further documentation (!) are now distributed together
   with the executable.  I'm sorry for increasing your downloading costs with 
   the size of the archive, but there had been *very* many requests for an 
   amiga-compilant version of the source code!


o  Double buffered animations are now implemented!

o  When pressing 'H', '?' or 'v' in graphics mode then the help page and/or
   the chart listing is printed onto the graphics screen now instead of the
   console window.

o  The `-k' extends the charset which lead to problems with Astrolog's
   internal vector font.  We now ignore the `-k' switch in graphics mode.
   (I actually abused the `-k' switch in graphics mode to offer an alternate 
   EGA palette which is slightly brighter than the default palette.)

o  An experimental interaction page has been provided in graphic mode.
   It can be reached via TAB if animation mode is off.

o  Large parts of Astrolog have been revised and some new generic functions
   have been provided which lead to faster and better readable code... (-:


o  Astrolog now processes mouse events and allows keyboard input from the
   chart window now instead of from the console window.  (xscreen.c)
   This also means that the ^C signal is checked and can be used to quit

o  Fixed a bug in the bitmap saving routine which made it impossible to save
   the Astrolog output to a file.

o  In contrast to other systems, the Amiga system clock knows local mean time
   (LMT) only.  This lead to problems with the `-n' or `-i now' option.

   Astrolog now tries to obtain the local offset from Greenwich Mean Time via
   the locale.library (V38+).  If for any reason you want to overwrite the
   offset obtained from there or if you don't have V38 or better then you can
   set the environment variable `GMTOFF' to the offset from GMT in seconds.
   (Positive values indicating East of Greenwich.)

   Note:  The locale library actually (V40.4) does *not* support Daylight
          Savings Time.  You might therefore need GMTOFF even if you have
          locale when DST is in effect (-z0 1).

   (Problem reported by John Blyth,john.blyth at

o  Astrolog.000 contained MC86020 or '030 code.  It crashed on MC68000 Amigas.
   This is actually a problem of gcc-2.6.3.  However, I finally managed to
   compile astrolog via DCC 2.07.56R (11.6.93).

   (Reported by Ian Forster,ifor at

o  Astrolog used to "forget" the former X/Y resolution when switching to
   certain chart types, like the world map and aspect grids which must
   always be at a certain size.  This is however a non-amiga-specific
   astrolog problem which has been fixed using a quick hack.

   (Bug reported by Robin Reynolds,astarte at


o  Fixed the wrong graphics.library LVO of DrawEllipse()
   (Bug reported by Michal Kara,lemming at

   Hmmm... I really don't know why it worked on my machine?!  8-/


astrolog.h line 1167 & extern.h line 127:

#ifdef PI
#undef PI
#endif /*PI*/

astrolog.c: return type of main() changed from `void' to `int'

data.c:115: initializer element is not constant

	FILE *S = stdout;  /* initialization moved to main() */

general.c:652:  sign = (int)floor(deg / 30.0);
	otherwise the degree value 'd' might become negative

general.c:663:  d = (int)floor(deg / 15.0);
	otherwise the minutes value 'm' might become negative


	Added some fields to struct gi and some #includes and prototypes
        for the AMIGA.   Changed the default input search path to "PROGDIR:"

	Implementation of Amiga graphic support.  See #ifdef AMIGA for
	the relevant parts.  Some changes had to be made because of the
	#else clauses which expected everything which was not X11 to be

	Here we call LVO_DrawEllipse() via GfxBase.  We need this because
	Astrolog's ellipse routine is called DrawEllipse() as well.
        This file is needed on Amiga *only*.

	':' has been introduced as a legal path seperator like '/'.
	Astrolog first attempts to read `astrolog.dat' from the current
	directory (as usual) but then (if that fails) it looks in it's
	own directory `PROGDIR:astrolog.dat'.

	Routines to initialize and close Amiga graphics.


Several other modifications have been made.  Search for #ifdef AMIGA in the
source code for further details.

See also: my posting <5onwk3YjTyB at> in alt.astrology.


Astrolog 4.40's DOS, Mac, and Unix versions (along with an old OS/2
port) may be downloaded using anonymous ftp at in
/pub/astrology/astrolog. The DOS version is also at in
/SimTel/msdos/entertn/ast44*.zip. There are some other programs at the
former site in /pub/astrology/software and at the latter site in the
same directory and in the corresponding directory for Windows programs.

+       Walter D. "Cruiser1" Pullen      !      astara at       +

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