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Short:159 Freeware/Shareware TrueType Dingbat Fonts
Author:"Assorted dudes o' the net..."
Uploader:zen resurrection com (Todd H Knight)
Distribution:They were free to me...should be free to everybody else!
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You read it's the "DiNgBaTs FrOm HeLl" archive!  Hey...wouldn't
YOU call _ANY_ archive with 159 of ANYTHING in it "<insert name here> From
Hell!"  That what I thought, too, so...

I've been collecting fonts from the internet for quite a while now, and I
figured that, since I was wasting time doing that anyway, I might as well
spread what I've found so far to the rest of the world, and this is my
first official shot at it.  \\=^)

  ALL TrueType Font Files within this archive have been retrieved from the
internet, and were marked as either "Freeware" or "shareware" fonts,
therefore, I assume that this archive'll be just fine for everyone to


  1)  "IF" by some strange happenstance, I have included a file within this
      archive that is, or HAS BECOME a commercially offered font, PLEASE
      let me know, so that I can remove it from the need to
      start suing people, ya know...just ask, and it's GONE.  Hell, ain't
      like I'm making money offa this, ya know...sha-hee-a-zuz...  \\=^/

  2)  I ain't saying' there's no dupes in this baby...if there are, let me
      know, as I'm far too lazy to check it all through again myself right
      now, but I'll always kill a dupe to save space!  \\=^o

  3)  Requires a little over 12 MEG to decompress...clear up that crap,
      boyce...ya got some stuff ya can kill, right?!  Suuuure ya do!  q=op

  4)  If you've got a dingbat font that is NOT in this archive, feel free
      to attach it to an EMail message and send it over...I'd be more than
      happy to add yet another DingBat to my (gawd awful) collection...

  5)  No, I'm NOT converting the damned things to PostScript!!!  This is
      QUITE enough for my blood, lemmetellyamon!  Wheeeeeeew!

  6)  This point is strictly to take up more space on your HD.

  7)  Buy TymeSmith 2.5 from SoftLogik TODAY!!!  Needs upgrading BADLY, but's the best damned font utility for the amiga available!

      (...It's either that, or get MacroMedia to port Fontographer... \\=^)


PS:  If/whenever I get around to packing up the actual "text" fonts, I'll
     make them into smaller archives so it doesn't piss people off too
     much.  }=o)


Content listing of "Bats_From_Hell.lha"

Original    Date   Name
-------- --------- -------------
   67421 04-Jan-97 AIMS.TTF
  106348 24-Apr-97 ALIENATO.TTF
   98428 24-Feb-93 amindian.ttf
   42152 24-May-94 animals.ttf
  102184 09-May-95 animt___.ttf
  189008 04-Apr-97 apicture.ttf
  170046 09-Oct-96 ARBOF___.TTF
   27172 04-Jan-80 ARTS_&_C.TTF
   18028 23-Apr-94 astro.ttf
   27252 16-Sep-92 athletes.ttf
   20976 04-May-92 barcod39.ttf
   22344 23-Mar-97 BITS.TTF
   22016 21-Jun-95 blf.ttf
   21556 21-Jun-95 bln.ttf
   50120 20-May-96 Bloodrac.ttf
   45264 20-Nov-95 Bloody.ttf
   18368 10-Mar-96 cablding.ttf
   62720 23-Apr-96 cairo_tt.ttf
   28692 13-May-93 calendar.ttf
   15664 16-Dec-95 car.ttf
   42064 01-Jul-94 cards.ttf
   39156 08-Dec-91 carta-no.ttf
   53104 05-Jun-96 Channels.ttf
   26180 08-Feb-96 cheq.ttf
   13772 04-Jan-80 CHEVRON_.TTF
   53876 12-Jul-96 Chung's Dingbats.ttf
   53876 12-Jul-96 CHUNG_S_.TTF
   34788 11-May-93 CLD_____.TTF
   15908 17-Dec-95 cocacola.ttf
   25128 16-Dec-95 crosswrd.ttf
   14920 16-Dec-95 croswdhi.ttf
   13388 16-Dec-95 croswdlo.ttf
   47132 20-Dec-94 CW_CARDD.TTF
   35752 20-Dec-94 CW_CARIA.TTF
   66740 22-Mar-95 CW_CRITR.TTF
   60528 21-Dec-94 CW_FANTY.TTF
   68244 22-Mar-95 CW_FLEUR.TTF
   51616 21-Dec-94 CW_PHARG.TTF
   48716 18-Jan-95 CW_STARC.TTF
   20072 18-Jan-95 CW_WATFT.TTF
  194064 07-Mar-92 dad.ttf
   99036 15-Oct-93 dad2____.ttf
  103640 15-Oct-93 dad3____.ttf
   21472 08-Feb-96 Daggers.ttf
  194064 07-Mar-92 DavysDingbats.ttf
   99036 15-Oct-93 DavysDingbats2.ttf
  103640 15-Oct-93 DavysDingbats3.ttf
   54964 29-Jan-97 DING_CAT.TTF
   83380 11-Apr-97 DINGCATS.TTF
   67312 04-Jan-80 Dingies.ttf
   45140 17-Feb-94 dingmaps.ttf
   80088 15-Mar-97 dingob~1.ttf
   95180 05-Nov-94 dinosfnt.ttf
   84944 08-Feb-96 Dungeon.ttf
  100380 25-Feb-94 Elriott2.ttf
   30788 22-Feb-94 ezborder.ttf
   54820 20-May-94 faerie.ttf
   59868 18-Oct-93 fleu____.ttf
   28684 10-Feb-92 fleurons.ttf
  105708 19-Nov-96 flora.ttf
   91148 18-May-96 fontforf.ttf
   76112 16-Sep-92 food!.ttf
   76112 23-Nov-94 food_.ttf
  118760 15-Dec-92 fra.ttf
  128576 15-Dec-92 frb.ttf
   33284 15-Dec-92 frc.ttf
   54608 04-Mar-96 gallaude.ttf
   42380 01-Jul-92 geograph.ttf
   21520 31-May-96 healtsym.ttf
   23532 16-Jul-93 herald__.ttf
   67804 15-Jun-96 hippy.ttf
   45288 02-Apr-97 IMFORNAT.TTF
   45276 29-Mar-96 INKFD___.TTF
  258576 11-Apr-97 insects1.ttf
  302028 18-Apr-97 insects2.ttf
  318560 25-Apr-97 insects3.ttf
   84204 11-Apr-94 inter.ttf
   84204 18-Aug-91 inter___.ttf
   65480 03-Apr-97 keroppi.ttf
   34508 04-Sep-95 linear-b.ttf
   23556 25-Dec-96 Little Sister Dingbats.ttf
   47756 18-May-96 littlegi.ttf
   33144 18-May-96 logos.ttf
   41616 21-Apr-96 ludlow_d.ttf
   52192 20-Oct-96 lunch.TTF
   31940 04-Jan-80 MAC_DING.TTF
  115944 05-Apr-97 MAYAN.TTF
   20436 25-Aug-96 medicine.ttf
   62156 19-Aug-91 medusa__.ttf
   37460 09-Jan-97 MICHAELS.TTF
  214168 16-Mar-97 midages1.ttf
  235388 22-Mar-97 midages2.ttf
  228528 27-Mar-97 midages3.ttf
   52624 09-Dec-91 minipics.ttf
   78876 12-May-95 mo.ttf
  245848 27-Feb-97 mollusk1.ttf
  304812 27-Feb-97 mollusk2.ttf
  334352 27-Feb-97 mollusk3.ttf
   60020 05-May-94 mortbats.ttf
  358060 09-May-97 myth1.ttf
  361112 16-May-97 myth2.ttf
  422200 23-May-97 myth3.ttf
   48552 04-Jul-94 nahkt___.ttf
   46896 27-Mar-95 O-SYMB.TTF
   79596 11-Mar-97 Oedipa.ttf
   72248 25-Mar-97 Omahadin.ttf
   21504 04-Jan-80 OREGONPO.TTF
   52332 09-Apr-92 ornament.ttf
   19016 29-Jul-93 PIE4MAP.TTF
   24144 09-Apr-96 pointers.ttf
   14080 29-Sep-96 populati.ttf
   14196 29-Sep-96 populatm.ttf
  106372 09-Aug-93 Postcryp.ttf
    5440 02-Nov-94 prince.ttf
   82476 19-Jul-94 prinoorg.ttf
   69560 14-Oct-94 pumpkin.ttf
  228316 01-May-97 punish.ttf
   10036 26-Mar-96 Puzzle.ttf
   30164 16-Dec-95 rd_sgn_w.ttf
   32072 07-Apr-97 recycle.TTF
   47832 19-Mar-96 roadsign.ttf
   36532 19-Mar-96 ROADWARN.TTF
   72428 05-Dec-93 rockart5.ttf
   69944 19-Jan-92 rsbillsd.ttf
   93072 10-Aug-96 SANGRAEL.TTF
   33240 01-Sep-96 SEMA.TTF
   49116 21-May-97 signmaker.ttf
   35164 07-Jun-94 silhouet.ttf
  127184 22-May-96 Skullz.ttf
   50584 12-Jun-96 smilf___.ttf
   55980 28-Apr-96 smilly.ttf
   27560 24-Nov-94 Spirals_.ttf
   45488 11-Apr-94 sporthob.ttf
   11260 01-Apr-94 SpudDude-EVAL.ttf
   73248 27-Aug-94 stick.ttf
   48800 12-Jun-94 technoba.ttf
  266504 25-Aug-96 toonsone.ttf
   50632 18-May-96 toontown.ttf
   39188 03-Mar-95 Tr.TTF
   39188 03-Mar-95 Trekbats.TTF
   53920 18-Jun-92 tt-anim.ttf
   13884 21-Jun-92 tt-arow1.ttf
   26072 21-Jun-92 tt-arow2.ttf
   22380 15-Jun-92 tt-astro.ttf
   29320 22-Jun-92 tt-bloon.ttf
   47616 24-Jun-92 tt-elec.ttf
   29792 22-Jun-92 tt-govmt.ttf
   25472 21-Jun-92 tt-space.ttf
   37240 16-Dec-92 us-bats.ttf
   10636 05-May-92 usps_bar.ttf
   55392 13-Mar-96 vtmeo___.ttf
   61272 13-Mar-96 vtmeoobl.ttf
   49068 14-Aug-96 vtmeooc_.ttf
   29016 06-Oct-94 WARLOCK_.TTF
   37812 16-Jun-94 wef_____.ttf
   82440 21-Jun-95 woolbats.ttf
   32208 13-Mar-97 za______.ttf
  239132 07-Mar-97 zodiac.ttf
   50020 01-Apr-96 zoeknots.ttf
-------- ---------
12143711 04-Jun-97  159 files

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