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Short:Lzx/Lha unarchiver+File examine and more
Author:mountain_myst at (Brad Ray)
Uploader:mountain_myst mindspring com (Brad Ray)
Version:Drop_Zone Version 1
Requires:Reqtools.Lib - OS 2.04+
Download: - View contents

Welcome to Drop_Zone.

This is a Very helpful program for anyone who owns an Amiga Computer.
If you know how to work a mouse, then download this program now!!!

The concept is simple:

   Started as an lzx - lha unarchiver,
      Turned into something much more.

   This program puts an AppIcon on your WorkBench screen and just sits there
   until you drop something on it.
   If you're not sure what something is, just drop it onto Drop_Zone and if
   you have a datatype for that file, then Drop_Zone will do whatever it needs
   to do.

   For example:
   If your file is a jpeg picture and you have a jpeg datatype, Drop_Zone
   will display that picture using multiview.
   If you drop a sound file onto Drop_Zone, then the sound will be played.

   Files everywhere - what the heck is this? - Drop it onto the AppIcon and
   you will know!


   Drop_Zone also unarchives lzx and lha files.

   It works the same way.
   Drop the compressed file onto the AppIcon and a requester pops up
   asking you where you would like to unarchive it at.

   Drop_Zone supports multiple file drops and also has a requester mode
   where everything can be done with requesters instead of Icons.

   In requester mode, when choosing multiple files, just hold the shift
   key down and pick the files that you want.


   Drop_Zone is small and stays out of your way.

   It does not interfere with any programs that you are running and it's
   very system friendly.

   Try it, you won't be sorry!!!

   You will always turn again and again to Drop_Zone.


   Small Talk:

   This program is free from me to you.

   It is not crippled in any way.
   This is a full version, and I don't expect anything in return.

   But after a while of using Drop_Zone, let me know what you think of it.

   I don't know if I will expand the program.
   I guess that will be up to you.

   Any suggestions are welcome.



   This is very simple.

   I did not include an installer script, but that's alright because there
   ain't nothing to it.

   After you unarchive the file, you will see The Drop_Zone program and
   a drawer named "Ext_Pic"

   1) Put The Drop_Zone program any where you want to.

   I suggest that you put it in WbStarup where it will be available on

   2) Put the "Ext_Pic" drawer in your prefs/presets drawer.

   This is the only place to put this drawer.
   If you put it anywhere else, Drop_Zone will not run.

   Inside the "Ext_Pic" drawer is a picture named "here"
   Do Not change the name of this picture or Drop_Zone will not run.


   The End:

   Be sure that you have reqtools.lib installed in your libs drawer or
   Drop_Zone will not run.

   ReqTools.lib can be found on aminet.

   When Drop_Zone is cranked up, it places a menu item named Drop_Zone onto
   you WorkBench menu bar.

   Just choose this menu item and the rest is up to you.

   I hope that you enjoy this program as much as I do.
   I know that you will.

Contents of util/app/Drop_Zone.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                65657  161680  40.6% -lh5- f6a4 May  9  2000 drop_zone/Drop_Zone
[generic]                  905    4571  19.8% -lh5- fca3 May 19  2000 drop_zone/
[generic]                  887    1556  57.0% -lh5- b1c0 May 19  2000 drop_zone/
[generic]                  964    3340  28.9% -lh5- d2d6 May 19  2000 drop_zone/ext_pic/
[generic]                 1437    3622  39.7% -lh5- b758 May 21  2000 drop_zone/ReadMe.Now
[generic]                 1015    5161  19.7% -lh5- a91e May 19  2000 drop_zone/
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         6 files   70865  179930  39.4%            May 23  2000

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