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Short:Auto configure WHDLoad games for E-UAE
Author:amithlondestek at (Alper Sönmez)
Uploader:amithlondestek gmail com (Alper Sönmez)
Architecture:i386-amithlon; m68k-amigaos
Platform:Non-Chipset OS3.x Amiga's (eg. Amithlon)
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This package of scripts is freeware.
And is dedicated to the loving memory of the very great fellow, Ahmet Alperen.
Rest in peace my grandfather.

Scripts will automatically configure WHDLoad games for E-UAE on Non-Chipset

WHDLoad is an harddisk installer system for trackloading Amiga games. WHDLoad
work natively on NonChipset Amiga platforms (like Amithlon) but will work
nicely within E-UAE.

Being influenced by "glUAE" scripts for OS4.0, I decided to compile some scripts
will run WHDLoad games by directly clicking their icons from my native Workbench
on Amithlon. This is how E-UAELoad project began.

 * User friendly harddisk installer "Install E-UAELoad"
 * A one-for-all script that automatically makes the neccessary changes on
   packages to work with E-UAE. "InstallGame"
 * A script that will configure your Chipset Applications to work with
   "InstallApp" (NEW in 1.3)
 * Detects required chipset (configures E-UAE for AGA chipset if the game needs
 * Centers the E-UAE window on screen.
 * To quit simply close the game window or press Ctrl+rAlt+q
 * Every game or app. can have its own E-UAE configuration. (Read

 * No error tracking or reporting
    Scripts are a little more intelligent now. But they are more quiet. You
still have 
    no way to trace errors. So use the scripts as they are ment to be used. (For
    don't try to install an application with InstallGame. You will loose your

 * Tooltypes of the WhdLoad game icons are ignored. (Read topic:"Specials")

    AmigaOS 3.x (practically 3.9 on Amithlon)
    An E-UAE version (0.8.29-WIP4 Recommended) (NOT Included)
    A WHDLoad version (16.4 Recommended)  (NOT Included)
    A WHDLoad key (Not required, but strongly recommended) (NOT Included)
    Rom files for A500 and A1200 (NOT Included)
    CenterWin commodity (included in this archive)

    Please use the included harddisk installer "Install E-UAELoad".

    -Download and open the WHDLoad archive of your favorite Amiga game to any
    -Double click the "InstallGame" icon in the program drawer
    -It will pop up a FileRequester.
    -Simply Drag&Drop the GAME ICON (!!! NOT the drawer icon !!!) into the
     and click Install.
    -You can move or copy the game directory to somewhere else after
    -You can re-install your games if needed. You don't need to uninstall them.

    -To Install your Chipset Requiring applications, use the InstallApp instead.
    -Drag&Drop the icon of your application into requester, click install.
    -Answer the requesters that will pop up.
    -You can re-install or uninstall your apps. Simply repeat the first two
     You will be asked for which.
    -To finetune your emulation for a specific app, drag&drop its icon onto
EditPad on 
     Amidock. Read the instructions carefully.

Important Note : NEVER use "InstallGame" installer to use your applications via
Allways use "InstallApp". Otherwise you will lose the executable of your app.
Do not use installer scripts on other files. 
I take no responsiblity if a data loss may occur.

How It Works:
    WHDLoad games are run with a Project Icon which has "WHDLoad" as their
default tool.
    "InstallGame" copies a script which has the same name with the icon to the
    During installation E-UAELoad makes a copy of your IconX in "C:" renamed as
    (eg. Flashback game runs with the project icon named
    will copy the E-UAELoad script into its drawer and rename it as Flashback.
Then when 
    you doubleclick the Flashback icon, it will execute the script. Because the
    command in your "C:" is actually a copy of IconX.)

    Mentioned script is in E-UAELoad:DefaultConfigs/   (DONOT Rename or Delete) 
and it
    prepares an .uaerc and startup-sequence file to configure E-UAE for the 
    doubleclicked game. Runs E-UAE (v0.8.29-WIP4 recommended), and centers the 
    window by CenterWin commodity simulating a "F10" keyboard stroke.

Specials: (For Advanced Users)

   *You can make different E-UAE configs for each game. For example, you can set
    one game to run in FullScreen mode, or with more frameskipping, or with no
sound ect.

        To achieve this:
        -Drag&Drop your WHDLoad game icon, onto EditPad on AmiDock
        -Read the instructions care fully and edit the variables
        -Save the file and quit EditPad. (requires .uaerc file experience)

        To create a special .uaerc file for a game:
        - run the game once.
        - go to E-UAELoad: and show all files.
        - find the .uaerc file and copy it to game drawer.
        - edit the .uaerc file (the one in the game drawer) and save it.

   *If you want to run WHDLoad with the tooltypes (icon tooltypes are ignored,
    You have to create a special Startup-Sequence for your game.
        To achieve this:
        - run the game once.
        - go to E-UAELoad:S/
        - Find the startup-sequence in that drawer and copy it to game drawer
        - Open the startup-sequence (the one you've just copied) in a text
        - Locate the line which looks like this :
                WHDLoad SplashDelay=0 Slave={GAMENAME}.slave Preload
         and add your WHDLoad cheats or settings to the end of the line.
        - Save the file.

   *Above steps also apply for Applications.

Bugs :
 -CenterWin commodity makes Amithlon to crash on some configurations if there is
present. If you are using MCP hotkeys to center windows on screen, set your
hotkey to 
F10, and do not install CenterWin commodity when you are asked.

 -If you have used "(" or ")" brackets in your drawer names, scripts cannot
parse your 
pathnames. You will see no error messages, but your game or app wont run. It is
limitation of AmigaDOS.

I take no responsibility if any harm or data loss may happen because of

Archive contents:
FakeKey is freely distrubutable. (by Douglas Nelson 1993)
CopyIcon is freeware and all rights reserved © 1999-2002 by Stephan Rupprecht
CenterWin is freely distrubutable (by Timo C. Nentwig 1996)

Alper Sönmez 23/09/2008

Contents of util/batch/E-UAELoad_v1.31.lha
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[generic]                 2448    5796  42.2% -lh5- b30b Oct 11 22:46 E-UAELoad_v1.31/BeniOKU!
[generic]                 1801    2759  65.3% -lh5- 83ee Oct 11 22:46 E-UAELoad_v1.31/BeniOKU!.info
[generic]                  841    1957  43.0% -lh5- 102e Sep 18 11:49 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Configs/.uaercApps
[generic]                  864    1984  43.5% -lh5- daac Sep 23 23:43 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Configs/.uaercGames
[generic]                 3438    5596  61.4% -lh5- 4d1d Nov 12  1996 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Configs/CenterWIN
[generic]                 3941    4672  84.4% -lh5- 43d3 Sep  9 03:32 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Configs/
[generic]                  843    1957  43.1% -lh5- 479a Sep 22 12:37 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Configs/NOJOY/.uaercApps
[generic]                  864    1984  43.5% -lh5- 8d18 Sep 24 00:04 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Configs/NOJOY/.uaercGames
[generic]                 2726    4508  60.5% -lh5- 9561 Feb  9  2002 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/CopyIcon
[generic]                  689    1598  43.1% -lh5- 0a76 Sep 19 02:56 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/DefaultConfigs/AppScript.part1
[generic]                  564    1631  34.6% -lh5- 4f7a Sep 21 03:14 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/DefaultConfigs/AppScript.part2
[generic]                 4337    5223  83.0% -lh5- 5319 Sep 22 12:43 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/DefaultConfigs/
[generic]                 1355    3691  36.7% -lh5- 63af Sep 23 23:55 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/DefaultConfigs/E-UAELoadScript
[generic]                  537     748  71.8% -lh5- a258 Mar 13  1993 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/FakeKey
[generic]                 1334    3880  34.4% -lh5- b0b8 Oct 11 22:42 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/InstallApp
[generic]                  626    1424  44.0% -lh5- fb01 Oct 11 22:33 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/InstallGame
[generic]                28912   46948  61.6% -lh5- 624f Aug 19  1993 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/Libs/amos.library
[generic]                 4022    6920  58.1% -lh5- 1fe8 Jul  6  1994 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/Libs/lowlevel.library
[generic]                 7241   12608  57.4% -lh5- 0564 Jan  1  1980 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/Libs/medplayer.library
[generic]                 4119    6036  68.2% -lh5- 3ed7 Jan  1  1980 E-UAELoad_v1.31/E-UAELoad/Libs/powerpacker.library
[generic]                 1754    2272  77.2% -lh5- d5fa Sep 11 13:03 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/OS39/
[generic]                 1934    2386  81.1% -lh5- 4724 Sep 11 13:03 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/OS39/
[generic]                 1662    2194  75.8% -lh5- c5e3 Sep 11 13:03 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/OS39/
[generic]                 1784    2625  68.0% -lh5- 3eb6 Sep 11 13:03 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/OS39/
[generic]                  827    6393  12.9% -lh5- 1370 Sep 11 13:03 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/OS39/
[generic]                 4089    4784  85.5% -lh5- b4be Sep 11 12:13 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/PNG/
[generic]                 4068    4808  84.6% -lh5- 8907 Sep 11 13:03 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/PNG/
[generic]                 3877    4650  83.4% -lh5- 46fe Sep 11 12:19 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/PNG/
[generic]                 3417    4175  81.8% -lh5- 96fb Sep 11 12:18 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/PNG/
[generic]                 6431    8793  73.1% -lh5- 7122 Sep 11 12:13 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Icons/PNG/
[generic]                 3897   13829  28.2% -lh5- e743 Sep 26 11:58 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Install E-UAELoad
[generic]                 1832    2686  68.2% -lh5- 2fa2 Sep 26 11:58 E-UAELoad_v1.31/Install
[generic]                 2869    6776  42.3% -lh5- e6e7 Oct 11 22:46 E-UAELoad_v1.31/ReadME!
[generic]                 1800    2759  65.2% -lh5- 66cd Oct 11 22:46 E-UAELoad_v1.31/ReadME!.info
[generic]                  936    3007  31.1% -lh5- 9f01 Oct 11 22:51 E-UAELoad_v1.31/ReleaseInfo
[generic]                 1800    2759  65.2% -lh5- f378 Oct 11 22:51 E-UAELoad_v1.31/
[generic]                 1757    2700  65.1% -lh5- 924f Sep 26 11:25
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