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Short:The greatest Dms tool ever written !!
Author:Anthony Brice & Paul Juhasz
Uploader:anthony backyard demon co uk
Requires:WB2.04+ (optional PackDev.lha & Lzx)
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BlitzDms is the best gui handler for Dms on the Amiga to date and has a
feature list far too long to harp on around here, so I'll just list a few.

BlitzDms will be Shareware, and, upon reciept of the registration fee, a key
will be sent to unlock all of the restricted features in the program.

Incorporates support for all of the key dms versions including SDS software,
Paradox and the Parcon version. It also utilises the PackDev system which uses
lzx and a track copying executable for better compression. The PackDev archive
is not included within this archive for distribution restrictions, but you can
find it on Aminet.

AppWindow support. You can drag multiple dms files into the window and it'll
get on with it for you if, for example, you wanted to repack dms archives to
the newer xdm/dsq format via RAD: - just go and make a cuppa :)

Font sensitive, and Public Screen configurable. You can put it on any public
screen, and with any font you like as long as the window can still be
displayed on the screen size.

All of the configuration is stored in tooltypes written by the program into
its own icon. No seperate files and EnvArc: trashing required.

Most of the DMS options such as Append, Repack and other options not usually
supported in other windows from later dms executables are supported with
BlitzDms. You can add your own banner into any dms file you create automatically
and view any dms files banner within the gui.

Encryption of a dms file, and options such as validate, verify and supress
bootblock display are all configurable within the program.

Almost every aspect of BlitzDms is configurable from the window positions
(Normal and iconified) to using Kcon: as an external output source if it's
not set as a con: replacement on your system and you wish to use it.

High density drives are catered for.

Track selection is handled via slider gadgets on the prefs window.

You can select wether you want confirmation prompts before BlitzDms undertakes
any drastic action. If a file already exists which BlitzDms would overwrite it
will ask you to confirm first so no nasty accidents happen.

Reqtools requesters are used to ensure BlitzDms will function on any 2.04+
amiga system, and it has been tested on everything from an aging A500 to a
beefy A4000 with no problems.

BlitzDms has amigaguide documentation, although you won't need to read any
of it before getting down to using it - just click and go. ;)

The program has been extensively beta tested by 6 different beta testers with
different machines, not including the two authors.

You'll love it. Seriously :-)

Contents of util/pack/BlitzDms110.lha
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[generic]                  670    1188  56.4% -lh5- 3db7 Mar 28  1996 BlitzDMS/
[generic]                13343   37085  36.0% -lh5- a587 May 11  1996 BlitzDMS/Docs/
[generic]                  854    1428  59.8% -lh5- 856f Feb 16  1995 BlitzDMS/Docs/
[generic]                 1255    2475  50.7% -lh5- e79f May 11  1996 BlitzDMS/Docs/BlitzDms.history
[generic]                  245     339  72.3% -lh5- 326d Mar 28  1996 BlitzDMS/Docs/
[generic]                  234     373  62.7% -lh5- 4ec0 May 11  1996 BlitzDMS/File_ID.Diz
[generic]                  153     209  73.2% -lh5- 5227 May 14  1996 BlitzDMS/Preacher.txt
[generic]                  545    1188  45.9% -lh5- 1e71 Apr 25  1996
[generic]                62338  170608  36.5% -lh5- 48fe May 11  1996 BlitzDMS/BlitzDms
[generic]                  625    1722  36.3% -lh5- 38c7 May 11  1996 BlitzDMS/
[generic]                 1438    2878  50.0% -lh5- bda2 May 11  1996 BlitzDMS/BlitzDms1_10.readme
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