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zeespace.lha0.1gfx/3d646328K2006-09-26ppc-amigaos Play around with heightfields+bumpmapping - (readme)
zeescape-mos.lha0.1gfx/3d639215K2006-02-16ppc-morphos Height Field Rendering Engine - (readme)
xpgs2.5b.lha gfx/3d408432K1996-07-14m68k-amigaos Xpgs-2.5b : An animated SIRDS maker++ 020+ - (readme)
wf_scripts_1.lha gfx/3d365109K1997-05-20m68k-amigaos Wildfire scripts issue 1 - (readme)
wfmhcybergfx.lha gfx/3d467192K1997-05-03m68k-amigaos Render in 24bit to Real3D's view windows - (readme)
wcs.lha2.031 gfx/3d7253.2M2024-02-06m68k-amigaos recompiled World Construction Set - (readme)
wati10.lha gfx/3d409555K1995-08-05generic 10 hires scanned jpg wall tiles - (readme)
VSV_src.lha0.8gfx/3d39662K1999-11-01m68k-amigaos Viewer for Videoscape3D-objects w/source - (readme)
VRMLViewer.lha0.3 gfx/3d411359K1998-10-21m68k-amigaos View VRML V1.0 ascii worlds (CyberGL support.). - (readme)
VRMLEditor.lha0.60 gfx/3d402320K1998-09-14m68k-amigaos Edit&show VRML V1.0 worlds (CyberGL support.). - (readme)
ViewStl.lha1.0gfx/3d350172K2021-03-01ppc-morphos An STL (3D Model) viewer - (readme)
Vertex2.0_Demo.lha gfx/3d471350K1993-07-10m68k-amigaos Real-time 3D object creation and manipulation software. - (readme)
vd2001r3dlib.lha gfx/3d3962K1992-06-07m68k-amigaos VT2001 support for Real 3D - (readme)
v240scrns.lha gfx/3d40015K1994-01-02generic R3D v2.4 screen examples - (readme)
uvSurf.lha gfx/3d35115K1993-02-03m68k-amigaos display&save parametric surfaces - (readme)
UnWrap.lha gfx/3d36220K1996-02-12m68k-amigaos Brushmap creation utility. - (readme)
Ts_Iv2.lha2.0gfx/3d37742K1996-09-17m68k-amigaos Texture Studio settings To Imagine Attributes - (readme)
Ts-I.lha1.0gfx/3d37812K1996-03-20m68k-amigaos CLI only program to convert Texture Studio setting files - (readme)
Tree4D.lha1.5gfx/3d431126K1992-01-04m68k-amigaos Creates 3d branching trees for Sculpt 4D. V1.5 - (readme)
Tornado_tips.lha gfx/3d3542K1998-08-17generic Tornado3D,tips in spanish (MAMOMO) - (readme)
Tornadocat.lha gfx/3d3338K1998-05-29generic Tornado 3D Catalan catalog (MAMOMO) - (readme)
tmd2lwo.lha gfx/3d420231K1997-04-21m68k-amigaos Convert Sony Playstation 3D Objects to LWO - (readme)
Times3D.lha gfx/3d341308K1995-01-09generic Times3D-font for Reflections 2.03+ - (readme)
TextureStudio.lha gfx/3d425485K1995-05-08m68k-amigaos Imagine3 format texture renderer v1.0.2 - (readme)
Textures1.lha gfx/3d752127K2008-09-16ppc-morphos Texture mapping with OpenGL, fixed - (readme)
textures.lha gfx/3d37418K1995-01-15m68k-amigaos Textures for Imagine 3.0 (&fpu) - (readme)
Terrain.lzh gfx/3d447534K1998-03-08m68k-amigaos Generate 3D terrains and waves for Turbo Silver - (readme)
TDDDInfo15.lha gfx/3d3815K1994-10-17m68k-amigaos TDDDInfo for examing Imagine objects - (readme)
tddd2Real.lha gfx/3d37933K1995-01-11m68k-amigaos Imagine objects in TDDD format to Real3D v2.47 format - (readme)
TAPDemo.lha1.0gfx/3d35823K1991-08-05m68k-amigaos Aligns Sculpt's Tumble Axis to a path. V1.0 - (readme)
T3D_Gadgets.lha1.0gfx/3d35830K1997-11-12m68k-amigaos Tornado 3D replacement gadgets. - (readme)
T3DLIB_Src_R43.lha gfx/3d575111K1995-02-03m68k-amigaos 3D Object Conversion/Manipulation Src - (readme)
T3DLIB_Src_R42.lha gfx/3d57497K1994-01-21m68k-amigaos 3D Object Conversion/Manipulation - (readme)
T3DLIB_EXE_R43.lha gfx/3d628438K1995-02-03m68k-amigaos 3D Object Conversion/Manipulation Docs/Exes - (readme)
StereoDemo.lha gfx/3d40575K1989-04-30m68k-amigaos Demo of stereoscopic graphics. - (readme)
stereo.lha gfx/3d365448K1997-08-22m68k-amigaos Create real stereo 3D images *update* - (readme)
SSProDisk1b.lha6.1cgfx/3d376548K1999-03-03m68k-amigaos Patterns and Sourcepics for SSPro - (readme)
SSProDisk1a.lha6.1cgfx/3d447264K1999-03-03m68k-amigaos 3D SIRDS Maker in 24-bits! Posters! 6.1c - (readme)
Spam-Server.lha gfx/3d330136K1994-04-09m68k-amigaos uses samples to "speak" rendering progress - (readme)
SoftShadows.lha gfx/3d347186K1995-03-16m68k-amigaos An Imagine tutorial - (readme)
Smooth.lha gfx/3d34741K1998-05-03m68k-amigaos Small program to smooth raw models.(020+) - (readme)
SLAttr01.lha gfx/3d34379K1996-05-10m68k-amigaos Some really cool .atts for Imagine 4.0 - (readme)
skulpt_wos.lhaalpha 28 gfx/3d4771.1M2001-01-17ppc-warpup Sculpt3D clone (PPC (WarpOS) + Warp3D) - (readme)
Skulpt_src.lhaalpha 28 gfx/3d734386K2000-10-10m68k-amigaos ppc-warpup Sculpt3D clone sources (68k / PPC + Warp3D) - (readme)
skulpt_scn.lhaalpha 28 gfx/3d5941.5M2001-01-20m68k-amigaos Sculpt3D clone (68060 + Warp3D) - (readme)
Skulpt_ppc.lhaalpha 28 gfx/3d4521.1M2000-10-10ppc-warpup Sculpt3D clone (PPC (WarpOS) + Warp3D) - (readme)
skulpt_loc.lhaalpha 28 gfx/3d45120K2001-01-20m68k-amigaos Sculpt3D clone (68060 + Warp3D) - (readme)
Skulpt_exe.lha gfx/3d460318K2000-09-06m68k-amigaos Sculpt3D clone (68k + Warp3D) - (readme)
Skulpt_doc.lhaalpha 28 gfx/3d562746K2000-10-13m68k-amigaos Sculpt3D clone Documentation (68k + Warp3D) - (readme)
Skulpt_68k.lhaalpha 28 gfx/3d9511.2M2000-10-10m68k-amigaos Sculpt3D clone (68k + Warp3D) - (readme)
Found 417 matching package(s):
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