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zoomer.lha gfx/ifx439107K1997-08-26generic Arexx Script for "zooming" into a picture - (readme)
YCrCb101.lha gfx/ifx3985K1995-09-07m68k-amigaos ImageFX, TBCPlus YCrCb loader. - (readme)
wipes.lha0.8gfx/ifx3809K2003-04-26generic Wipe/Transition Arexx Script v0.8 for IFX - (readme)
VisionFX.lha gfx/ifx546478K1999-08-23ppc-powerup PPC Modules for ImageFX 3.0+ - (readme)
VisibleHuman.lha gfx/ifx3697K1999-05-09m68k-amigaos Visible Human Project loaders for ImageFX - (readme)
UnDither.lha0.1ßgfx/ifx347161K1997-07-10generic Small ARexx script for ImageFX to remove dithering - (readme)
TM_206.lha gfx/ifx372291K2000-08-26generic Layers Animator for ImageFX v3+ - (readme)
textfx.lha gfx/ifx3522K1994-12-30generic Arexx script for ImageFX to create wild text effects - (readme)
softborder.lha0.6gfx/ifx3773K1998-03-12generic Soft borders v.0.6 (flexible IFX script) - (readme)
smearshadow.lha0.9gfx/ifx3384K1998-03-12generic Smear shadows v.0.9 (flexible IFX script) - (readme)
SkinCrop09.lha0.9gfx/ifx33110K1999-10-23generic Easy xxxAMPxxx Skin creation script for ImageFX - (readme)
SkinCrop08.lha0.8gfx/ifx3469K1999-07-10generic Easy xxxAMPxxx Skin creation script for ImageFX - (readme)
SkinCrop07.lha0.7gfx/ifx3848K1999-07-06generic Easy xxxAMPxxx Skin creation script for ImageFX - (readme)
SkinCrop06.lha0.6gfx/ifx3568K1999-06-25generic Easy AmigaAMP Skin creation script for ImageFX - (readme)
SkinCrop05.lha0.5gfx/ifx3397K1999-06-20generic Easy AmigaAMP Skin creation script for ImageFX - (readme)
SkinCrop04.lha0.4gfx/ifx3276K1999-06-07generic Easy AmigaAMP Skin creation script for ImageFX - (readme)
SkinCrop03.lha0.3gfx/ifx3475K1999-06-03generic Easy AmigaAMP Skin creation script for ImageFX - (readme)
SkinCrop02.lha0.2gfx/ifx3494K1999-06-02generic Easy AmigaAMP Skin creation script for ImageFX - (readme)
shadow.lha1.1gfx/ifx3544K1998-03-12generic Soft shadows v.1.1 (flexible IFX script) - (readme)
Scale_Absolute.lha gfx/ifx3332K1999-05-08generic AutoFX script for ImageFX - (readme)
ScaleMultiPicImageFX.lha1.0gfx/ifx6192K2006-05-21generic ImageFX: Rescale all RGB pics in directory - (readme)
save_png.lha gfx/ifx4922K2005-11-26generic Save files as pngs using AutoFX - (readme)
SaveBufferTIFF.lha gfx/ifx3382K1999-05-09generic AutoFX script for ImageFX - (readme)
SaveBufferJPEG.lha gfx/ifx3791K1999-05-09generic AutoFX script for ImageFX - (readme)
SaveBufferILBM.lha gfx/ifx3971K1999-05-09generic AutoFX script for ImageFX - (readme)
Saturate.lha gfx/ifx3248K1999-11-05m68k-amigaos Improved saturation for ImageFX 2.x - (readme)
saturat3.lha gfx/ifx348191K2000-06-29m68k-amigaos Improved saturation for ImageFX 2, 3 and 4 - (readme)
Safety.lha gfx/ifx3361K1999-05-08generic Generates Title Safety and Action Safety guide lines - (readme)
Reko2As.lha1.13 gfx/ifx7073K2005-07-10generic Convert Reko cardsets to AS-..... - (readme)
REDFiX.lha1.5 gfx/ifx346135K1999-12-24m68k-amigaos Powerful ImageFX v1.5...v4.1 enhancer. - (readme)
RadialStar2.lha gfx/ifx3943K2003-06-22generic Radial Star EOT script for IFX - (readme)
PrimeraH11.lha gfx/ifx3389K1993-12-16m68k-amigaos Bug fix to primera print utility - (readme)
PrevPageIFX.lha gfx/ifx323124K1996-04-16generic Preview Page Maker for ImageFX - (readme)
PhotoEdges.lha gfx/ifx34173K1998-03-10generic PhotoEdges v0.5 (Organic PhotoEdges for ImageFX) - (readme)
phMask10.lha gfx/ifx33057K1998-01-23m68k-amigaos PhMask V1.0 FL/CP/MEKO/Q0 Masks hook for ImageFX - (readme)
pcd100.lha gfx/ifx3719K1994-01-07m68k-amigaos PCDIFX - Photo-CD loader for Image-FX - final release - (readme)
pcd-overview.lha gfx/ifx3422K1996-10-13generic ImageFX arexx to make PhotoCD Overview - (readme)
Nailer.lha gfx/ifx36141K2000-01-24m68k-amigaos Updated auto-thumbnailer - (readme)
MWBNail10.lha gfx/ifx35912K1995-06-07generic Generate MWB thumbnail icons - (readme)
MTVLoader.lha gfx/ifx3325K1994-12-09m68k-amigaos MTV (Rayshade) loader for ImageFX - (readme)
MotionBlur_IFX.lha gfx/ifx4042K2000-07-03generic MotionBlur Arexx script for ImageFX - (readme)
mkthumb131.lha gfx/ifx3304K1996-07-23generic Thumbnail/contact sheet maker for ImageFX - (readme)
Mavica_411.lha gfx/ifx3675K1999-05-09m68k-amigaos Mavica .411 loader for ImageFX - (readme)
MakeImageMap.lha1.4gfx/ifx3574K1996-08-06generic ImageFX ARexx-script to make imagemaps... - (readme)
MakeIcons_ifx.lha gfx/ifx38350K1995-03-21generic Create pic icons with ImageFX, also HAM - (readme)
Make3D.lha gfx/ifx8594K1994-08-17generic Arexx scripts for imageFX / imagine - (readme)
MagicRegion.lha1.1gfx/ifx9162K2000-06-07generic Makes complex regions for similar but isolated colors - (readme)
LoadLHA-ifx.lha gfx/ifx9301K1996-10-13generic ImageFX arexx scripts to load LHA pix. - (readme)
LoadGifAnim.lha1.0gfx/ifx8768K1999-02-25generic ImageFX script to break apart GifAnims - (readme)
layerifx.lha gfx/ifx8872K2003-08-03generic Scripts for layer cropping & offsetting - (readme)
Found 102 matching package(s):
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