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AdultDoor.lha comm/maxs523526K1997-09-22m68k-amigaos Adult Type Door for MAXs BBS - (readme)
AdultSay.lha comm/maxs52461K1997-09-22m68k-amigaos Adult Type Door for MAXs BBS - (readme)
AFL_Tips.lha comm/maxs522411K1998-03-08m68k-amigaos Tipping Set Up For The Sport AFL - (readme)
alife101.lha comm/maxs52507K1997-11-13m68k-amigaos MAXs Shell (cli) Type Door - (readme)
AmiquotePro11.lha1.1 PROcomm/maxs521094K1996-08-25m68k-amigaos A message to next caller door for Maxs - (readme)
AmiScan2.1.lha comm/maxs523384K1997-07-21m68k-amigaos Makes Cfgs for Aminet CDs automatically - (readme)
AmiVote.lha comm/maxs522047K1997-06-15m68k-amigaos MAXs, Voting Type Door - (readme)
AmiWall.lha comm/maxs52414K1997-06-15m68k-amigaos MAXs, Graffiti Type Door - (readme)
Amy_IQ.lha comm/maxs52366K1997-09-27m68k-amigaos AMY, Semi-Intelligent Type Door! - (readme)
ANSIinvaders11.lha1.1comm/maxs530931K1996-04-11m68k-amigaos Ansi Invaders --- Space Invaders clone door - (readme)
AnsiMAX.lha comm/maxs52694K1998-02-02m68k-amigaos AnsiMAX for Max's BBS - (readme)
AnsiScroll.lha comm/maxs524315K1998-01-26m68k-amigaos Converts asci text files into scrolling ansis. - (readme)
Ansi_View.lha comm/maxs52363K1997-06-15m68k-amigaos MAXs, Display Ansi Screens - (readme)
antialias145.lha comm/maxs525012K1997-09-28m68k-amigaos AntiAlias is a MAX's BBS utility! - (readme)
AOWord.lha comm/maxs51169K1997-09-22m68k-amigaos Adult Type Door for MAXs BBS - (readme)
ART.lha comm/maxs513219K1997-09-27m68k-amigaos ART, Ansi Artwork Type Door! - (readme)
Asm_pack.lha comm/maxs47135K1998-05-25m68k-amigaos Assembler starter pack for M A X's doors - (readme)
AStory.lha comm/maxs44665K1997-09-22m68k-amigaos Adult Type Door for MAXs BBS - (readme)
bbs-advert.lha comm/maxs43508K1996-07-07m68k-amigaos BBS-ADVERT -- Simple Door for MAXs BBS - (readme)
BlackJack115.lha1.15comm/maxs42976K1997-09-25m68k-amigaos Update, BlackJack Game v1.15 - (readme)
bshg3.lha1.03comm/maxs447246K1998-06-19m68k-amigaos Help and Setup for MAXsBBS and /X\axsPro 2.0+ - (readme)
BSP-Marker.lha1.00comm/maxs432915K1997-08-25m68k-amigaos Mark files externally for MAXs BBS - (readme)
BSP-Reason.lha comm/maxs430824K1998-01-07m68k-amigaos GUI to set a reason for being out with Kewlpage v2.5+ - (readme)
cal.lzh comm/maxs462911K1993-12-18m68k-amigaos A calendar door for MAXsBBS - (readme)
CallBBS_11.lha1.1comm/maxs435010K1999-01-17m68k-amigaos Add and display other BBS's, simple door. - (readme)
CapForce.lha comm/maxs43853K1997-11-13m68k-amigaos Filenames all Uppercase Letters - (readme)
cd-rom.lha comm/maxs444439K1994-07-02m68k-amigaos Use CD-rom's with MaxsBBS. - (readme)
cdconfigs1.lha comm/maxs447214K1996-06-28m68k-amigaos New Files Config for CDROM DOOR For MAX's BBS - (readme)
CDoorExample.lha comm/maxs43773K1999-02-02m68k-amigaos How to prog Maxs BBS Doors in C - (readme)
CDRomDoor22.lha comm/maxs425419K1995-04-18m68k-amigaos Update to CDROM door for MAXsBBS v1.52+ - (readme)
Chaseem_v11.lha1.1comm/maxs44069K1995-09-07m68k-amigaos Great run online game for MAXsBBS - (readme)
CMaxAd11.lha comm/maxs43919K1996-05-14m68k-amigaos Fileadder with source - (readme)
CMaxCD29.lha comm/maxs436692K1996-05-14m68k-amigaos CD-ROM door for maxsbbs - (readme)
CMaxGu16.lha comm/maxs435713K1996-05-14m68k-amigaos Filelist generator ASCII / .guide format - (readme)
CMaxPr00.lha comm/maxs43916K1996-05-14m68k-amigaos A door that prints a textfile and waits for keystroke - (readme)
CMaxWe10.lha comm/maxs43339K1996-05-14m68k-amigaos A upload hitlist generator for MAXSBBS - (readme)
Connect4.lha comm/maxs43737K1997-09-25m68k-amigaos Excellent MAXs Game, Connect 4. - (readme)
CreditCard.lha comm/maxs44019K1998-04-06m68k-amigaos Credit Cards door for online ordering. - (readme)
CreMAX1_2.lha1.2comm/maxs435659K1997-04-03m68k-amigaos A new menu system for MAX's. V1.2 - (readme)
DeadLock.lha comm/maxs43668K1997-09-27m68k-amigaos DEAdLoCk - Monitors MAXs BBS Nodes! - (readme)
DFBOffReq.lha comm/maxs430112K1997-08-09m68k-amigaos Allow users to FREQ files on DFB Maxs systems - (readme)
dfbv13.lha comm/maxs4370207K1997-03-21m68k-amigaos Latest file base for MAXS - (readme)
dfb_flg.lha2.02comm/maxs440348K1996-11-06m68k-amigaos A FileList/FileGuide maker for DFB 1.2 - MAXs BBS - (readme)
DFB_rego.lha comm/maxs45611K1998-05-25m68k-amigaos Released public keyfile for DFB - Now free! - (readme)
dfb_v1.lha comm/maxs444279K1995-04-05m68k-amigaos File_id.diz support & more for MAXsBBS - (readme)
DirScanner_14.lha comm/maxs428269K1998-05-01m68k-amigaos Creates CD Configs for KewlCDPro, 1.4 - (readme)
DoorRunner.lha comm/maxs427823K1996-08-17m68k-amigaos To make Paragon doors in E/Blitz v1.30 - (readme)
DownTown_10.lha comm/maxs434853K1998-05-28m68k-amigaos Neat replacement download door, 1.0 - (readme)
elizaV1_1.lha1.1comm/maxs433731K1996-04-11m68k-amigaos Online Psychologists - (readme)
ESC_CSI.lha comm/maxs43712K1998-02-02m68k-amigaos ESC<>CSI converter for ansi menus! - (readme)
Found 290 matching package(s):
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