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mmgr-030.lha1.21comm/mmgr5214695K1996-08-10m68k-amigaos Mail Manager v1.21 - 680x0 version - (readme)
mmgr-030_122up.lha1.22comm/mmgr4900188K1996-12-07m68k-amigaos Updates MM from v1.21 to v1.22 (680x0) - (readme)
mmgr.lha1.21comm/mmgr5091696K1996-08-10m68k-amigaos Mail Manager v1.21 - The BEST Mail Program - (readme)
mmgr_122up.lha1.22comm/mmgr4935189K1996-12-07m68k-amigaos Updates MM from v1.21 to v1.22 (68000) - (readme)
MMTags.lha comm/mmgr496715K1998-08-18m68k-amigaos Adds tagline to messages in MailManager - (readme)
MM_12GER_Guide.lha1.2comm/mmgr497565K1996-05-12m68k-amigaos German translation of - (readme)
MM_12_FRA.lha1.2acomm/mmgr49677K1996-06-05m68k-amigaos Update Mail Manager v1.2 French Catalogs - (readme)
MM_AddQuote060.lha comm/mmgr487945K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_AddQuote v0.60 - Program for generating random text from rule-files. - (readme)
MM_AddUser060.lha comm/mmgr49081K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_AddUser v0.60 - Add the writer of message to the userlist. - (readme)
MM_AFP194.lha1.94comm/mmgr487332K1997-01-23m68k-amigaos MM_AreaFixPlus v1.94 - The best Areafix for MailManager v1.1 > - (readme)
MM_AllFix080.lha comm/mmgr49032K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_AllFix v0.80 - Little Robot for Files Request. - (readme)
MM_AmiHatch.lha0.59comm/mmgr499424K1996-12-10m68k-amigaos MM_AmiHatch v0.59 Hatch Mirrorfiles via MM - (readme)
MM_Annonce15.lha comm/mmgr49239K1996-05-07m68k-amigaos File-announcements arrived at Tick command (MM) - (readme)
MM_AntiBomb010.lha0.10comm/mmgr495917K1996-05-06m68k-amigaos Checks Inbound Mail-packets for mailbombs - (readme)
MM_AreaLog10.lha1.0comm/mmgr477617K1996-05-12m68k-amigaos LogFile AreaAnalyser for MM >=1.2 - (readme)
MM_AreaMan_DK.lha1.0comm/mmgr476812K1996-04-23m68k-amigaos Danish textfiles for MM_AreaManager - (readme)
MM_AreaStat11.lha comm/mmgr43603K1995-12-26m68k-amigaos Echo trafic status for MailManager (German docs) - (readme)
MM_AStat10_GG.lha comm/mmgr41987K1996-05-12m68k-amigaos Area Stats-Generator for MailManager - (readme)
MM_AutoSend060.lha comm/mmgr41134K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_AutoSend v0.60 - Automatic posting of messages in several areas. - (readme)
MM_BackupMsg.lha0.21comm/mmgr416017K1996-04-29m68k-amigaos Backup Messages for MM >=1.1 - (readme)
MM_BundleFiles.lha0.32comm/mmgr403839K1996-06-05m68k-amigaos V0.32:The Ulti file-bundler for MM >=1.2!!! - (readme)
MM_ChkMsgDate.lha comm/mmgr40956K1999-09-06m68k-amigaos Fixes message dates >31 Dec 1999 in MailManager - (readme)
MM_CreateTIC.lha1.0comm/mmgr407817K1997-03-24m68k-amigaos V1.0 - TickAreas Autocreator for Mail Manager - (readme)
MM_Crosspost.lha1.1bcomm/mmgr41364K1996-04-29m68k-amigaos V1.1b: A Crossposting Tool for MM - (readme)
MM_DeleteAreas.lha0.21comm/mmgr413721K1996-04-29m68k-amigaos Adds missing MM_DeleteArea-Cmd MM >=1.1 - (readme)
MM_DLGForw060.lha comm/mmgr42193K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_DLGForward v0.60 - Automatically Forward Private Message to your Points. - (readme)
MM_DLGUload100.lha comm/mmgr411321K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_DLGUpLoad v1.0 - Uploader .TIC into DLG Areas. - (readme)
MM_ExportPlus.lha0.23comm/mmgr411413K1996-04-29m68k-amigaos Selective Export-script for MM - (readme)
MM_FbMRMv13.lha1.3comm/mmgr412826K1996-11-29m68k-amigaos V.1.3: File Request Server that works through e-mail. - (readme)
MM_FileToLogo.lha0.10comm/mmgr41795K1996-06-05m68k-amigaos Convert a txtfile to a #LOGO-line for MM - (readme)
MM_FindPirates.lha comm/mmgr410619K1998-10-29m68k-amigaos Moderation tool - weed out the thiefs - (readme)
MM_FixTicks.lha comm/mmgr41164K1999-07-04m68k-amigaos Fixes tickfile dates >31 Dec 1999 in MailManager - (readme)
MM_Flame.lha0.55comm/mmgr405155K1996-12-10m68k-amigaos MM_Flame v0.55 An area-moderation tool - (readme)
MM_FRequest062.lha comm/mmgr42102K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_FileRequest v0.62 - Create .REQ files for a node simply reading the message. - (readme)
MM_Ghost065.lha comm/mmgr41753K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_Ghost v0.65 - Use it when you're not have the time to reply to messages. - (readme)
MM_HandleTicFi.lha0.15comm/mmgr418715K1996-04-23m68k-amigaos Deletes unwanted .TIC-files before send - (readme)
MM_Hatch123.lha1.23comm/mmgr415522K1996-04-17m68k-amigaos The BEST (Tick)File-Hatcher for MM >=1.1 - (readme)
MM_HoliDay.lha0.3comm/mmgr412410K1998-02-23m68k-amigaos Arexx-script for Mail Manager - (readme)
MM_ImportPlus.lha0.72comm/mmgr404332K1996-12-10m68k-amigaos MM_ImportPlus v0.72 The BEST Import-Script - (readme)
MM_ImpPlus065.lha0.65comm/mmgr406131K1996-04-17m68k-amigaos The BEST Import-Script for MM >=1.1 - (readme)
MM_LiveStats.lha comm/mmgr40656K1995-08-18m68k-amigaos Arexx Script for MM for calculating stats - (readme)
MM_LogAna.lha1.0comm/mmgr408320K1996-05-26m68k-amigaos V1.0: A LogFile Analyser for MM >=1.1 - (readme)
MM_MaintCfg020.lha0.20comm/mmgr412215K1996-04-29m68k-amigaos Removes unnecessary backup Cfgs MM >=1.1 - (readme)
MM_MegaStat014.lha comm/mmgr403854K1998-10-29m68k-amigaos The ultimate statistics program. Needs MM >= 1.2! - (readme)
MM_MsgTrack140.lha comm/mmgr40399K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_MsgTrack v1.40 - Good Message Tracker (Bounce,Remap,RRR,Etc.) - (readme)
MM_MultiAct080.lha comm/mmgr41806K1996-04-30m68k-amigaos MM_MultiAction v0.80 - Automated and Intelligent file moving. - (readme)
MM_MultiSnd056.lha0.56comm/mmgr416729K1996-04-29m68k-amigaos Multi-Purpose-Msg-Send-Util for MM >=1.1 - (readme)
MM_NodeInfo12.lha1.2comm/mmgr40584K1996-05-01m68k-amigaos A Nodelist lookup utility for MM - (readme)
MM_PGPM_1.1.lha comm/mmgr416211K1996-05-15m68k-amigaos GUI for PGP with Mailmanager, V.1.1 - (readme)
MM_Poll.lha1.01comm/mmgr402716K1996-10-28m68k-amigaos MM_Poll v1.01 - Poll script for Mail Manager. - (readme)
Found 77 matching package(s):
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