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blanimal.lzh mods/blasa4951879K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat/Experimental, 2000, 10ch, 4m:06s, "Animal Roots" - (readme)
blbullet.lzh mods/blasa50341.5M2001-08-21generic Funk/Hard Rock/Metal, 2001, 16ch, 3m:50s, "Bullet Party" - (readme)
bl_algor.lzh mods/blasa4902213K2001-08-21generic Heavy Metal/Rock/Experimental, 1997, 4ch, 3m:36s, "Algorythmic Thoughts" - (readme)
bl_alien.lzh mods/blasa49843.4M2001-08-21generic Heavy Metal/Tribute 2 Aliens saga, 2000, 16ch, 8m:23s, "Alien Flashback" - (readme)
bl_alienation.lzh mods/blasa4956730K2001-08-21generic Jungle/Breakbeat, 1999, 10ch, 5m:16s, "Human Alienation" - (readme)
bl_american.lzh mods/blasa49501.5M2002-02-25generic For the "Ganza" musicdisk, 2001, 16ch, 4m:13s, "American Dream" - (readme)
bl_army.lzh mods/blasa5013398K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat/Experimental, 1999, 10ch, 5m:12s, "Army of Darkness" - (readme)
bl_black.lzh mods/blasa49553.3M2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat/Experimental, 2001, 16ch, 8m:35s, "Black Mind" - (readme)
bl_blasa.lzh mods/blasa49731.1M2001-08-21generic Heavy Metal/Rock/Experimental, 1999, 8ch, 8m:37s, "Blasa" - (readme)
bl_bogus.lzh mods/blasa4848342K2001-08-21generic Big Beat/Techno/Experimental, 1998, 10ch, 4m:16s, "Bogus Mind" - (readme)
bl_brain.lzh mods/blasa4914986K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat/House, 1999, 8ch, 4m:59s, "Brain Sensations" - (readme)
bl_cement.lzh mods/blasa49502.1M2002-04-14generic Electro/Experimental, 2002, 16ch, 4m:50s, "Cement Jungle..." - (readme)
bl_chamber.lzh mods/blasa4934930K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat, 1999, 10ch, 4m:54s, "Dream Chamber" - (readme)
bl_cold.lzh mods/blasa48521.5M2001-08-21generic Rock/Metal, 2000, 20ch, 5m:36s, "Cold Strings" - (readme)
bl_corps.lzh mods/blasa47831.2M2001-08-21generic Orchestral/Fantasy, 2000, 16ch, 6m:32s, "The Corps Monger" - (readme)
bl_dance.lzh mods/blasa4743496K2001-08-21generic Dance/Experimental, 2000, 16ch, 4m:09s, "Dance a little bit..." - (readme)
bl_db.lzh mods/blasa437567K2001-08-21generic Demostyle, 1996, 4ch, 5m:02s, "Dragon Ball" - (readme)
bl_dbz.lzh mods/blasa4110103K2001-08-21generic Demostyle/Metal, 1997, 4ch, 3m:47s, "Dragon Ball Z" - (readme)
bl_ecstasy.lzh mods/blasa4138902K2001-08-21generic Big Beat/Techno, 1999, 8ch, 5m:20s, "Mental Ecstasy" - (readme)
bl_eden.lzh mods/blasa4035649K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat, 2000, 16ch, 3m:40s, "Welcome to Eden" - (readme)
bl_electro.lzh mods/blasa4026674K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat, 2000, 8ch, 2m:56s, "Electro Dude" - (readme)
bl_emperor.lzh mods/blasa40511.1M2002-06-02generic Ballad/Ambient/Piano, 2002, 16ch, 6m:10s, "Emperor of the Sun" - (readme)
bl_equinox.lzh mods/blasa4072807K2002-07-25generic Made 4 Enough Records and Sabotage Packmag, 2002, 16Chn, 4m:46s, "Equinox" - (readme)
bl_equinox_mp3.lzh mods/blasa41415.7M2002-07-28generic Made 4 Enough Records and Sabotage Packmag, 2002, Mp3 Version, 4m:46s, "Equinox" - (readme)
bl_faces.lzh mods/blasa40641.3M2001-08-21generic Orchestral, 2001, 16ch, 4m:35s, Assembly 2001 - (readme)
bl_foxdana.lzh mods/blasa40411.5M2001-08-21generic Jazz/Experimental, 2000, 16ch, 4m:32s, "Fox & Dana" - (readme)
bl_future.lzh mods/blasa40241.3M2001-08-21generic Goa/Techno/Experimental, 2000, 16ch, 4m:26s, "Future Sound" - (readme)
bl_gray.lzh mods/blasa4025898K2001-08-21generic Simple Funk/Experimental, 2000, 16ch, 4m:57s, "Gray Life" - (readme)
bl_groovy.lzh mods/blasa39841.6M2002-02-25generic For "Ganza" musicdisk, 2001, 16ch, 3m:04s, "Groovy Solution" - (readme)
bl_happy.lzh mods/blasa4047134K2001-08-21generic Rhythm&Blues/Pop, 1997, 4ch, 3m:30s, "Happy day" - (readme)
bl_hope.lzh mods/blasa4043123K2001-08-21generic Demostyle, 1996, 4ch, 4m:07s, "Hope" - (readme)
bl_humanoid.lzh mods/blasa4068201K2001-08-21generic Metal, 1997, 4ch, 6m:21s, "Humanoid Attack" - (readme)
bl_inlocco.lzh mods/blasa4010105K2002-09-08generic Chip/Demo, 2002, 16ch, 3m:27s, ...under mOOds/Uva, "In Locco" - (readme)
bl_inner.lzh mods/blasa3989592K2001-08-21generic Ambient, 1999, 8ch, 6m:41s, "Inner Peace" - (readme)
bl_insane.lzh mods/blasa4066455K2001-08-21generic Funk/Ambient/Experimental, 1999, 8ch, 4m:30s, "Insane" - (readme)
bl_itsalive.lzh mods/blasa39841.3M2001-08-21generic Dance/Techno/Breakbeat, 2001, 20ch, 4m:32s, "It's a Live!" - (readme)
bl_jason.lzh mods/blasa4045149K2001-08-21generic Demostyle, 1997, 4ch, 5m:02s, "Jason lives..." - (readme)
bl_killer.lzh mods/blasa4107294K2001-08-21generic Chip/Acid/Trance, 1999, 8ch, 2m:40s, "Killer Smoke" - (readme)
bl_master.lzh mods/blasa40411.4M2001-08-21generic Ambient/Trip-Hop, 2000, 16ch, 4m:12s, "Master Man" - (readme)
bl_mechanical.lzh mods/blasa4030860K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat/Experimental, 2001, 16ch, 5m:27s, "Mechanical BLasphemy" - (readme)
bl_mega.lzh mods/blasa4079256K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat, 1998, 12ch, 8m:17s, "Mega@byte" - (readme)
bl_merregnon.lzh mods/blasa3982468K2001-08-21generic Orchestral/Fantasy, 2000, 16ch, 2m:49s, Merregnon compo, "Road to Merregnon" - (readme)
bl_messiah.lzh mods/blasa3987680K2001-08-21generic Darkwave, 2000, 10ch, 5m:11s, "Messiah's Prophecy" - (readme)
bl_micro.lzh mods/blasa410789K2001-08-21generic Electro/Breakbeat, 2001, 10ch, 2m:46s, ... under mOOds, "Microworld" - (readme)
bl_minimal.lzh mods/blasa40462.6M2002-01-28generic Rock/Industrial/Experimental, 2002, 16ch, 4m:22s, "Minimal" - (readme)
bl_mixmessages.lzh mods/blasa39854.9M2002-11-06generic Electronic/Remix, 2002, 54ch, 5m:21s, ...under mOOds/Uva, "Mixing Messages" - (readme)
bl_mod8.lzh mods/blasa4053792K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat, 2000, 10ch, 2m:53s, "Mod: 8th wonder" - (readme)
bl_mono.lzh mods/blasa4227512K2001-08-21generic Simple Ambient/Techno, 2001, 16ch, 3m:23s, "Monotony" - (readme)
bl_mood.lzh mods/blasa4245617K2001-08-21generic Funk/Jazz/Experimental, 2001, 16ch, 5m:16s, Moods online compo 3rd place, "Mood Cafe" - (readme)
bl_nectarine.lzh mods/blasa3935930K2001-08-21generic Techno/Breakbeat/Experimental, 2001, 16ch, 3m:55s, "Nectarine bit corruption" - (readme)
Found 88 matching package(s):
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