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zipscripts.lha2.0util/rexx5213K1997-07-12m68k-amigaos Arexx scripts for use with a Zip Drive - (readme)
ZedREXX.lha1.0cutil/rexx340108K1994-12-01m68k-amigaos Easily add GUI to any REXX script. V1.0c - (readme)
YTVGuide.lha1.5util/rexx4856K2007-12-21generic Australian TV Guide program (REACTION) - (readme)
year2.lha util/rexx3382K1999-07-09m68k-amigaos Year.rexx - Simple ARexx script to print a yearly calendar - (readme)
year.lha util/rexx2871K1997-05-18m68k-amigaos Year.rexx - Simple ARexx script to print a yearly calendar - (readme)
YARSelector.lha util/rexx2804K1997-04-03m68k-amigaos WB-Pic random selector (shows really all pics!) - (readme)
Yam-Converter.lha1.0util/rexx30618K2002-01-05m68k-amigaos Converter for Yam's addressbook from "Annuaire Amiga" - (readme)
yae.lha1.00util/rexx3563K1999-05-27m68k-amigaos Yet Another (true ;-) EUROCONVerter - (readme)
XYZMesh.lha util/rexx3173K1998-09-24m68k-amigaos Arexx to import 3D mesh into LightWave - (readme)
XpkCEd.lha1.01util/rexx3147K1998-01-06m68k-amigaos Load and save xpk files from within Ced. - (readme)
WymAmi.lha util/rexx4991K1997-11-25m68k-amigaos *PL* Arexx script for AmiSlownik (TwinSparkSoft) - (readme)
WW-Rech_kor.lha util/rexx30016K1999-03-03m68k-amigaos Correction of WW-Rech_22.lha - (readme)
wordmixer.lhafirstutil/rexx3673K2006-10-14generic wordmixer, TAI NI PROGGI that mutates =D - (readme)
whichprinter.lha1.0 pro 21....util/rexx3153K1999-01-22m68k-amigaos Turboprint printer Selection script (german) - (readme)
WetArexxScripts.lha1.0util/rexx110845K2009-02-04generic Various Arexx scripts for WET - (readme)
WebChat.lha1.0betautil/rexx29611K1997-11-10m68k-amigaos Web based mailing list maker - (readme)
wbrexx-1.1.lzh util/rexx36313K1992-12-06m68k-amigaos WBRexx version 1.1 by Willy Langeveld - (readme)
wbopenurl.lha util/rexx7481K2013-10-22generic Open file: URLs with WB - (readme)
wat.lha util/rexx2877K1996-06-03m68k-amigaos WAT (What?! Another Timer?!) - (readme)
WarpsArexx.lha util/rexx29917K1997-03-31m68k-amigaos Warp's Arexx pack (>20 scripts!) - (readme)
wac104.lha util/rexx59211K1996-11-01m68k-amigaos WAC (What?! Another Calendar?!) - (readme)
VIO.lha util/rexx2854K2000-06-29m68k-amigaos Manipulate variables as you would files - (readme)
viewPPC.lha1.1util/rexx3151K1998-03-20m68k-amigaos ppc-powerup This script shows JPEG`s with PPC-Power needs the Prg. "ViewTool" - (readme)
VerCtrl_1.16.lha util/rexx27534K1995-08-06m68k-amigaos AREXX Script Management System (Uses Opus5) - (readme)
varexx.lha util/rexx72398K1996-02-13m68k-amigaos A GUI system for Arexx. v1.7 - (readme)
usbdevs.lha2.0util/rexx1342622K2021-10-06generic Vendor and product of USB/PCI device - (readme)
Urope.lha1.0util/rexx47410K2008-03-28generic EUR DaylightSavingTime Arexx script - (readme)
Uptime-37.1.lha util/rexx29214K1995-05-08m68k-amigaos Shows how long system has been up - (readme)
UpdTools.lha2.0util/rexx3069K1996-06-04m68k-amigaos Upd tools v2 - (readme)
updatelibs.lha util/rexx4204K2000-06-18m68k-amigaos Update your libs,devices(etc) from AminetCD. V1.0 - (readme)
Upd140.lha util/rexx27923K1994-12-14m68k-amigaos Minimal AREXX player daemon. News: Random + Queue + ... - (readme)
uninstall.lha util/rexx33812K1994-12-08m68k-amigaos De- and Reinstalls software from your harddisk - (readme)
UKNews.lha util/rexx2851K1996-10-03m68k-amigaos Arexx script to get CompuServe UKNews. - (readme)
tunnel102.lha1.02util/rexx37511K2006-03-01generic link up irc channels on different networks/servers - (readme)
TRX_ToolsR3.lha3util/rexx36942K1996-05-08m68k-amigaos Arexx-Scripts for RexxTricks_386.lha - (readme)
TRX-Tools.lha util/rexx355114K1995-11-14m68k-amigaos Release 2 from my tritonrexx-Tools - (readme)
TritonRexx376.lha util/rexx495198K1995-09-24m68k-amigaos Create GUIs from ARexx, uses 'Triton' - (readme)
TransADZ.lha1.0util/rexx11869K2001-03-04m68k-amigaos Archive script for TRansADF - (readme)
Traduci.lha1.1util/rexx30110K2000-11-24m68k-amigaos Translate Thor msg or GoldEd text from Italian to english. - (readme)
tocopy.lha1.1util/rexx29210K1998-09-03m68k-amigaos Free up opus in copying all the files in lister - (readme)
timestables.lha1.0util/rexx52517K2007-08-06generic multiplication tables practice drills - (readme)
TimeSaver.lha1.1b util/rexx31010K1998-03-30m68k-amigaos Adjust inaccurate battery clocks (Bugfixed) - (readme)
tilt.lha util/rexx29113K1997-06-06m68k-amigaos Tilt paths in PageStream3 - (readme)
Thorsalv2.lha util/rexx4253K1997-10-12m68k-amigaos Fixes corrupt THOR databases - (readme)
Temporizator.lha util/rexx2892K1997-09-08m68k-amigaos MovieShop-Rec frames at intervals v1.12 - (readme)
TasString.lha util/rexx4892K1997-11-25m68k-amigaos *PL* Arexx script to assemble 2 text files - (readme)
tape.lha util/rexx3022K1996-06-13m68k-amigaos A tape case wizard for WW5 - (readme)
tagart10.lha util/rexx2982K1993-05-08m68k-amigaos Arexx util - add taglines to msgs in Foozle, April etc - (readme)
supspjo.lha1.1util/rexx29635K1998-09-16m68k-amigaos Used Opus 4.12 as GUI with rexx on join & split - (readme)
SuperEval.lha1.0util/rexx3152K1998-04-28m68k-amigaos Add trig (rexxmathlib) to eval command - (readme)
Found 349 matching package(s):
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